Where sandy beaches, Celtic music and Gaelic culture are all around you!

On Route 19, the Ceilidh Trail, Inverness County, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia!

Some of the area's attractions include:

Hiking the Mabou Highlands Loop
Hike our history on the 'Mabou Highlands Loop' or the 'Mabou Rail Trail'
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Kayaking up the river provides a calm shelterd area

Enjoy a leisurely guided or self-tour of Mabou Harbour and the Mabou River. A beautiful setting ideal for beginners or those who just want to get out and enjoy a peaceful morning, afternoon or evening on the water. Chances of seeing Bald Eagles are excellent.

For the intermediate or expert kayaker there is a full day of adventure, which entails driving to and launching at Finlay Point (Mabou Coal Mines Wharf). Kayak along the coast (as shown on the photo on our homepage), stop for lunch, then battle the tidal current at the entrance to Mabou Harbour. The sunsets are spectacular, and the peacefulness refreshing.

Mountain Biking:
We have an assortment of mountain bikes, which can be taken on the Rail Trail (4k), for a short trip around the village (3k), or to West Mabou Beach (8k). If you are really energetic a day can be taken in by cycling to the Cape Mabou Trail Head (approx. 18k), at Mabou Coal Mines, then hike the Cape Mabou Trails (see trail info), then the ride back home. If you still have some zest you could take in some music, a dance or enjoy a pint on our deck. (all distances are one way)

Jigging for Mackerel

Fishing is permitted in tidal waters and does not require licensing although there are limits and restrictions on species, so please inquire if you are interested and we’ll try to help. Inland fishing does require licensing and it can be purchased at our local grocery store. If you would like to go out on a boat as an observer for a day of lobster or tuna fishing, please let us know and we’ll see what can be arranged. Please call us for more information on trout and salmon fishing concerning licensing, seasons, and guides. As part of the Inverness South Anglers Assoc., we did 2 major stockings of trout throughout the Mabou watershed in 2004.

Sunset at West Mabou Beach

Beautiful Beaches:
In the immediate vicinity we have West Mabou Beach, which received Provincial Park status in 2001. It is a wonderful beach with lots of room and warm waters (in season) for swimming. A little further is the Mabou Coal Mines Beach at Finlay Point.

You could spend the morning and early afternoon on the sandy beach, then stop off at the fishing wharf (during May/June) and bring home some lobsters and have your own lobster boil.

Cabot Trail

Day Trips & Distances:
Cabot Trail 6 hours driving (approx 400km)
Alexander Graham Bell Museum Baddeck - 1 hour away
Fortress Louisbourg 2 hours one way – recommended as a full day – opens at 10 am closes at 6 pm.
Miners Museum Glace Bay 2 hours
Golf Courses Highlands Links, Ingonish 2 hrs
Bell Bay, Baddeck 1+ hrs
Dundee, Dundee 1+ hrs
LePortage, Cheticamp 1 hr
Ferry Connections North Sydney 90 min.
Pictou 2+ hrs
Yarmouth 6+ hrs

Music Festival Events:
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